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Group Total Access ProductsThe Total Access Series is ADTRAN's line of carrier-grade system solutions designed to reduce incremental capital outlay and provide investment protection in service provider network architectures while providing room for growth and the addition of new services.

This industry-leading product line includes Multiservice Access and Aggregation Platforms, IP Business Gateways, Integrated Access Devices (IADs), DSLAMs, and concentrators, along with system management solutions and services. The Total Access Series promotes strategic network planning with its "grow-as-you-go" modularity. This approach breaks down barriers to profitability, overcoming logistical deployment issues and expanding customer reach with the latest copper-saving and fiber technologies.
Eight Port SHDSL Transparent Ethernet Bridges that provide low-cost deployment of 10/100 Base-T Ethernet over eight industry-standard e.SHDSL bonded interfaces.
Full featured SHDSL bridge/router
Part of the Total Access System, the Total Access 600 Series products are low-cost, fixed-port, carrier-class Integrated Access Devices (IADs) and routers.
Modular Integrated Access Device designed for cost-effective deployment of TDM services including analog and digital voice and data.
Single and multi-T1 gateways with a robust IP router, up to 24 analog interfaces, and one or two digital (PRI/CAS) interfaces for traditional voice applications over SIP or MGCP networks.
The Total Access 1100 Series products are environmentally sealed and hardened broadband access systems tailored towards the cost-effective delivery of ADSL2+ and VDSL2 services.
The Total Access 1200 Series of Mini-DSLAMs were designed for service providers' IP and ATM networks, delivering a DSL broadband solution simply and reliably to your valued customers.
ADTRAN EFM over Copper (EoCu) defines a way to effectively and universally bond together, lower bandwidth copper loops or pairs of wires creating a Carrier Ethernet access connection.
The Total Access 3000/3010 is a compact, cost-efficient, and scalable platform that may be configured as a DSLAM or ATM Switch.
The Total Access 5000 Series MSAN is a carrier-class multi-service access and aggregation node that bridges the gap between existing and next-generation networks utilizing a pure Ethernet core.

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ATM DSLAMs & FTTN Broadband Access Systems

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