NetVanta 5000 Series


The NetVanta 5000 Series is designed for cost-effective integrated Layer 2/3 carrier Ethernet customer edge routing, Internet access, MPLS, corporate Frame Relay, point-to-point connectivity, ADSL, VPN and carrier Ethernet for high-bandwidth applications.

The NetVanta 5660 is a Gigabit Carrier Ethernet Customer Edge Router that combines a Gigabit business-class routing, an access router for data services and a Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-compliant Carrier Ethernet services gateway in a single, optimized platform for streamlined business services delivery.

The NetVanta 5305 is a modular platforms offering two Ethernet LAN ports and six Wide NIM slots that will house a variety of the NetVanta Wide Network Interface Modules (NIMs).

  • Six-slot, Dual-Ethernet Modular Access Router for two T3s of bandwidth
  • Stateful inspection firewall for network security
  • Quality of Service (QoS) for delay-sensitive traffic like Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM) for MOS prediction
  • Recognizable CLI and intuitive Web-based GUI
  • Wi-Fi Access Controller for centralized management of NetVanta Wireless Access Points (WAPs)
Part Number: 17005660F1    

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