OPTI-3 Series

Service providers are often faced with challenges posed by the limited electrical range of DS3 and the cost of converting optical to electrical interfaces through expensive multiplexers. The growing demand for DS3 deployment and limited space availability in central offices and remote terminals presents an additional challenge. The ADTRAN OPTI-3 sets a new mark for OC-3 multiplexers delivering three DS3 circuits (redundancy optional) from a single OC-3 feed in a compact footprint with flexible mounting options.

Designed to meet the growing demand for DS3 deployment in today’s economy, the OPTI-3 eliminates the need for expensive SONET ADM multiplexer equipment and provides the fullest use of OC-3 capacity. The space-saving OPTI-3 provides mounting flexibility with either a small 3.5-inch high wallmount chassis (WMC) or one-rack-unit high rackmount chassis (RMC).

Part Number: 1184003L1    
Part Number: 1184001L1