Cabinet deployments throughout the network are becoming more popular than ever for delivering advanced services such as AE, GPON, NGPON2, G.Fast, and VDSL. Cabinet enclosures allow the service provider to quickly and cost effectively increase their footprint. Technologies like VDSL2 with vectoring operate best over relatively short copper pair loops. Cabinet deployments help achieve these needed short loop lengths.

Why ADTRAN Enclosures?
  • Reduced cabinet costs
  • Increased deployment flexibility
  • Streamlined installation, maintenance and support
  • Improved DSL to FTTH migration
  • Greater service reliability


  • Accelerated time to market for premium services delivery
  • Greater return on investment (ROI)
  • Future-proof design; next-generation services ready
  • Broader service set, wider addressable market
  • Less service downtime

Cabinet Cu Lines Capabilities Fiber Lines Capabilities
MC Series Enclosures 3000+ 4000+ Fiber Ports
SmaRT Series Enclosures 288 288 Fiber Ports
Crossover Enclosures 192 192 Fiber Ports

Incorporates the Total Access 5000 into a pre-packaged Remote Terminal (RT) solution for delivering VDSL2 and/or Fiber services.
The ADTRAN SmaRT enclosure line is designed to be the most compact and cost effective enclosure to deploy a single Total Access 5000.
The most compact and cost-effective way to deploy the Total Access 5004 at a remote location.


Understanding the U.S. FTTH Market Evolution

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The Case for Gigabit

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