500 Series FTTdp ONUs

For some multi-dwelling units (MDUs), such as high rise complexes, the density of tenants increases as well as the complexity to serve these units with FTTH. These types of MDU's lend themselves to more centralized solutions like VDSL2, Fiber Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GPON. All four of these technologies represent different levels of service and capital commitment.

Two interesting new technologies have recently emerged that may be “game changers” for serving MDUs— VDSL2 with vectoring and G.fast. These technologies may prove to be a superior solution for serving high-density MDUs. This new DSL acceleration standard, G.fast, can extend 500 Mbps up to Gigabit fiber-like speeds 300 feet over the existing CAT-3 in-home phone wiring to the residential gateway or RG. The 500VP and 500G series are both environmentally sealed FTTH ONU's that utilize vectored VDSL2 and G.fast, respectively. When deployed within copper distribution points (dp) this solution is often referred to a FTTdp DPU. These solutions are used to accelerate the deployment of premium triple-play services by reducing time-consuming fiber construction in occupied buildings.

Part Number: 1179870F1    

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