NetVanta 3100 Series

The NetVanta 3100 Series of high-performance, fixed-port access routers offers a cost-effective IP routing solution for business class broadband networks. The 3100 Series supports higher bandwidth Ethernet based services, as well as ADSL offerings.  Certain models feature a four-port fully-managed switch, and an optional analog port for a disaster recovery scheme or to dial-in for remote management. These products are full-featured, low-cost alternatives perfect for secure Internet access or high-speed corporate connectivity using broadband access such as DSL or cable.

  • Fixed-port Broadband routers with a stateful firewall, integral 4-port switch, and IPSec VPN
  • Integrated modem for management or backup (optional)
  • Standards-based routing and switching features for ease of interoperability
  • VoIP-ready with standards-based QoS
  • Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM) for MOS prediction
Part Number: 1700341F1    
High-performance Fixed Port Secure Access Ethernet Router
Part Number: 1700340F1    
High-performance Desktop Fixed Port, Secure Access Ethernet Router

NetVanta Routers

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