7x24x4 Onsite

Why ProCare 7x24x4 Onsite?

  • This plan is our premium offering for those customers with mission critical equipment and require the quickest route to hardware replacement.
  • Offers 4 hour, expedited hardware replacement with an onsite technician to perform the physical hardware replacement and subsequent testing under the direction of a remote ProCare engineer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

ProCare 7x24x4 Onsite Services:

  • Access to Technical Support
    • Provides a 30 minute SLA access into ADTRAN Technical Support
  • After-hours Emergency Support
    • Provides the peace of mind that, if there is an after-hours service affecting emergency, ADTRAN Technical Support is available
  • Access to Software Releases and Patches 
    • Receive access through the ADTRAN website to the latest software releases for your ADTRAN product
    • Sign up for automatic software release notifications through the Support Community
  • Automatic Configuration Backup by Request 
    • Let ProCare perform routine backups of your equipment's configuration
  • Advanced Hardware Replacement
    • This plan provides four hour hardware replacement
  • Eligible for Discounted Remote Professional Service Vouchers (PSVs)